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Le Canada doit aider Nathalie Morin à revenir au Canada


The Nathalie Morin's Facebook group is only for people who support this cause. If you disagree with the Canadian government helping Nathalie and her four children, please do not subscribe. Thanks.


Click here to sign the petition launched in May 2017 in support of Nathalie and to share it with your network

Write to the Saudi Ambassador in Ottawa

If you want to write to the Saudi Ambassador based in Ottawa, here is a letter that can be sent either by mail or fax to the following coordinates.



His Excellency Osama Bin Ahmad Al Sanousi
201 Sussex Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 1K6
TEL (613) 237-4100
FAX (613) 237-0567


Letter to the Saudi Ambassador in Ottawa
Letter ambassador_AS_EN.pdf
Document Adobe Acrobat 7.6 KB

Write to the Canadian government & Canadian embassy in Saudi Arabia

If you would like to show your support for Nathalie, you can write directly to:

Letter for Minister of Foreign Affairs

You can print this letter and send it by email to Chrystia Freeland.

Letter to Mrs. Mélanie Joly
Document Adobe Acrobat 177.9 KB

This letter is only in french. We should have it in english very soon.

Write us

Injustice is often successfully fought through the support of many. Thank you for supporting the actions of the Support Committe for Nathalie Morin. Write us at  to let us know about your support. We will write your name and your organization in the list of supporters and will keep you posted on future action.